Meet for america speaker Tom Renz


Attorney Thomas Renz is a small-town lawyer who has created a platform based on an unquenchable thirst for justice. He opened a small law practice with the intent of focusing locally and watching his kids grow, but when the COVID lockdowns occurred he realized the corruption in this country had gone too far and he stepped up to fight back. His background is as varied as his work. He has dabbled in the arts, spent years training martial arts, and is a lawyer, writer, consultant, and businessman. Most importantly, he is a dad, husband, and follower of Christ.

Renz has been a leader in COVID litigation since July 2020, filing the first lawsuit in the nation challenging the emergency declarations. He has dedicated the last three years to shining a spotlight on the tyrannical overreach of our government and its systemic failures to do right by the American people.

Often referred to as the “People’s Attorney,” he has relentlessly pursued actions against both state and federal agencies that threaten American civil liberties. Renz’s fight as an attorney working towards freedom, justice, and equality has taught him the critical truth that creating change in our nation requires more than just “lawyer-work”, it requires We The People taking part and pushing the legal and political systems. To that extent, he has expanded from his legal work to develop a growing SubStack, began a podcast Rumble, and hosts the radio show, The Tom Renz Show on America Out Loud.

He believes that legal reform work must be supported by political reform and an active and informed people, that is the heart of Renz’s mission and what he has coined as “Lawfare.” He reminds his audience frequently that the battle for freedom cannot be won by filing lawsuits alone, we must spread the truth through fair and uncensored media and engage in political activism. This three-pronged attack he’s formulated through his years fighting tyranny continues to gain momentum and there’s no denying his successes in every area of the freedom fight.

Renz is just a regular American who decided to fight back against corruption. He is a patriot, freedom fighter, dad, husband, and Christian; you can support and connect with him at