J.J. Carrell SPEAKER AT M.E.E.T.


J.J. Carrell recently retired from the United States Border Patrol after a 24-year career as a
Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge. Carrell brings a different view on immigration and what is now
transpiring on this forgotten and unknown place called the border.

Carrell supervised an ATV Unit on the San Diego/Tijuana border during the most violent times
in recent Border Patrol history. He created the most successful maritime narcotic and human
smuggling unit in the Border Patrol. Five years as the supervisor of this unit called the Coastal
Border Enforcement Team (CBET), his unit arrested and seized numerous Sinaloa Cartel
narcotic loads and one of his Agents testified against and helped secure a conviction against
Joaquin Guzman AKA El Chapo.

Carrell’s unique perspective is from years as a frontline Journeyman Agent to a Senior Leader in
the United States Border Patrol. Carrell uses his experience to articulate who has created this
disastrous situation on the border, how these policies are being enacted, and why these
intentional policies are being implemented in his new book, Invaded: The Intentional Destruction
of the American Immigration System.

Carrell takes his 24 years of experience in the trenches and his time in leadership roles to outline
solutions. Carrell’s solutions to stop the invasion of millions of individuals from across the globe
from illegally entering America are straight forward and direct as sovereignty is paramount to the
continued greatness of the United States of America.
Carrell is unapologetically patriotic and believes in the greatness of America and her citizens.
However, he is unafraid to point out the corruption and deception that is ruling decisions made
about the border, illegal immigration, and the weakening of America’s sovereignty.

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